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Circle of life

Yesterday my cat dragged in a rabbit
It was alive but obviously dieing
I could see its legs kicking as it tried to run, though it was on its side

“Oh god, its intestines are hangin-”
“Shh! Just-just look away.”

Seven minutes of telling the cat to take it outside ensued
It was eventually carried outside

Cat enjoyed it out on the deck
Took hours for it to finish eating the thing
I’m pretty sure part of its carcass is still out there but am I going out there? Nope.

Deck has now become cat’s territory.
I am not going to go out onto the deck for at least a week.
Unless i forget
gosh i hope i don’t forget

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Hey guys, welcome to Artist and a Temper!  Hope you enjoy reading about my life and what happens… Cause that’s basically what this place is! This blog was inspired by Hyperbole and a Half, so go check that out too!  Enjoy!

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