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Name of race: Colorids
Geographical location:  Spread out over the world, not in locations over 90 degrees Fahrenheit  (32 Celsius)
Common physical attributes:  No clear mouth, though able to speak;  Made out of colored pencil;  Each colorid is made of one color, that color is passed down to offspring; no clear distinction between hair and head; black eyes;  Each colorid has differently shaped eyes though traits pass down to offspring; humanoid.
Beliefs (non-religious):  Basically the same as humans, but without gender roles
Weak and strong points:  will melt at high temperatures, doesn’t need air to breath.  Not the best fighters, but skin is very tough.
Religion:  Literally any religion out there, though most are agnostic.
Lifestyle:  Colorids don’t need to eat; will keep small pets (no bigger than a medium sized dog); Shelter is basically unnecessary, though some will shelter beneath trees; Colorids like to play pranks on each other and other races.
Overall ideals/morals:  Colorids value honesty when asked questions but do not often confess to pranks/other misdeeds when not specifically asked about them. Colorids accept other cultures so long as that culture does not interfere with their own.  They can be racist and derogatory, but always make sure to apologize.
Family:  Colorids mostly stay in immediate family groups within a larger group of other colorids.  Family groups are referred to as ‘Hues.’  Different groups of colorids decide on their own governmental system, but most have a group of about five colorids voted into power that rule the colony with input from other colorids.  To come of age, a colorid must find several other colorids of the same age and form a group.  These groups will stay together until each of the colorids within the group mate.  Gender equality yay!
Education:  Parent colorids are expected to teach their children most things, but young colorids coalesce into groups and learn things from each other before that group explores the surrounding area.  Some groups will choose a specialty or name their group (The Loser Squad and variations are very, very common).  Each group is assigned a job based on their specialty and skills.
Hierarchy:  Every few years one of the five current rulers of the colony will be removed from office and a new one will be voted in by majority vote from the colony.  To make a majority vote, the five rulers have to make a majority vote amongst themselves.  Any colorid can be voted in, but those who want to be voted in will go public with their campaigns.  There are no real minorities, but large conflicts can split colonies apart, relocating both halves.
Language: Colorids project what they are saying using specialized brain waves that carry the idea of what they are saying, allowing anything to understand them.  They also receive the idea of what any other race is saying is saying, allowing for quick communication.  Colorids are unable to write.


-my group of colorids

-blue and her cousins

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