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For all of you who do not know what DTAEs, and by extension, DTAs are, they at Draw To Adopts.  I’ve entered a few.

All at the same time… during a week of school with lots of learning… when it is difficult to find time for art… I’m great at prioritizing aren’t I…

Anyways, here we go!



Meet Socks.  This artwork is mine, but the character is not… yet… results have not been posted on this DTA.

Name: Socks
Gender: Female
Age: Kitten
Backstory: Socks loves soft blankets, so when she found socks, she immediately began wearing them everywhere. To her, they were wearable blankets. She was born in an alleyway behind a clothing shop, introducing her to soft things at a young age. Eventually, a ten year old girl found Socks and took her home. Socks grew up in the girl’s house in a rural area. Socks went through a stage of stealing the girls socks until she got kitten-sized socks… Now she is all matching colors!



Woah look ANOTHER CAT.  This one took me… an hour.  Also, I slaughtered the competition by accident… I wasn’t looking at what I had to beat.  So.  Probably gonna win this one… OH NO I JINXED IT NOOOOO

Name: Torgi
Gender: Male
Age: Teen? Adult? Somewhere around there


That’s all I have so far, but I am working on another DTA and then an OC design.

Also, I will be very surprised if someone manages to track down all my accounts that I do this on.

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