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Ear Troubles

I recently (last week) got an ear infection.  I don’t know if it was a super bad one or not as I had never had one before…  All I know was that I was in excruciating pain.  I imagined it as a red-hot knife digging into my skull.  My left ear just really hated me.

Within three days, the pain had mostly left.  I was fine to go to school on Monday.  A few momentary pains spiked, but other than that, all pain was gone.

I was left with a head full of fluff.

Even now, seven days later, my left ear still does not receive sound as well as it did before this infection.  I am fairly sure something is swollen in my ear, as the pain medication that I took reduced swelling and took the fluff with it.

I named this variant of pain ‘Stiletto.’

I do that sometimes, naming various pains… I once had a sinus infection and named that pain Ivory.  Hunger pains are called Beast.


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