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Have word: Lightsaber

A cylindrical object normally embellished with several designs to make it look ‘cool’ or ‘futuristic.’  Emits a blade of light out of one end that is capable of slicing through human flesh, some metals, wood, rope, circuitry, and more.  THe blade of light is powered by a ‘force crystal.’  To be feared.  Can be used by both the Light and Dark.  If someone has one, run as fast as you can if they plan on killing you with it. If they plan on protecting you with their lightsaber, maintain a safe distance.  If you have one, use it.  It can and will kill you.  It can and will deflect bullets.  It can and will destroy your home.  It can and will ruin your life.  It can and will continue to be the most iconic sci-fi weapon of all time.

I am going to make one of these.

I am part of the Dark side.

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