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Pixel Art–The Discovery

My brain just figured out that pixel art was a thing that it could do.  It was a few days ago when I decided that I wanted to make an Undertale battle for an OC that I have made.  I realized that I’d need a pixel art battle sprite, so I searched ‘easy pixel art’ and found  Then I made this:

It wasn’t hard to progress from there.

I mostly draw these on a ‘Boogie board’–a primitive drawing tablet–and make a pixel art from it.

So now that I’ve put pixel art in blog posts, more artwork will come soon.  I aspire to have the majority of content summed up in pictures here.

I think I’ll try writing and drawing comics, someday.

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Hey guys, welcome to Artist and a Temper!  Hope you enjoy reading about my life and what happens… Cause that’s basically what this place is! This blog was inspired by Hyperbole and a Half, so go check that out too!  Enjoy!

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