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What is the purpose of a blog?

Art dumps? Documentation? Comics?

I don’t think it is any of those.

I think that the purpose of a blog is attention.

See, a blog like mine…

Small, hardly anyone looking at it…

It is a plea for attention.

‘Notice me!’

‘Please look! I want to talk to you!’

‘Look at my stuff!’


…I’m probably wrong.

It’s interesting to look at other people’s blogs, and how popular they are…

I want that too.

I want people to look at my art and congratulate me on the years of practice I did to get to the point that I am at.

I want people to stay and talk to me.

Is anyone there?

Has anyone noticed this blog of mine?

How can I make them notice?

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Hey guys, welcome to Artist and a Temper!  Hope you enjoy reading about my life and what happens… Cause that’s basically what this place is! This blog was inspired by Hyperbole and a Half, so go check that out too!  Enjoy!

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