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The Nameless Forest

The Nameless Forest is a website that allows a user to travel through a forest, reading the description of their current area on screen. I have explored it, and here are the things that I found:

“You see a very pretty diamond.”

“You see a very pretty amythest.”

“You investigate the bushes, and see an unusual creature walking past. It has a very long tail and two graceful horns. When it sees you the creature pauses and looks at you. You hear a soft voice in your head. ‘Are you a friend?'”

“A delicate black creature jumps through some bushes and lands on the rock next to you.”

“A pretty white pegasus with purple wings backs up and looks at you mournfully with dark blue eyes as you enter. You can see that the stall is clearly not big enough for the majestic winged horse.”

“…just as you are about to leave, two colorful butterflies catch your eye. They fly over to you and land on your arm.”

“A blue and white ice dragon slowly comes out of the shadows and inspects you.”

“You are surprised to see the witch covering in front of a small horse with butterfly wings. The witch, defeated, runs screaming out of the house. You are shocked that such a delicate and beautiful creature could have such power. The winged horse flits over to you triumphantly, and you politely thank it for saving you.”

“You swim up to the surface and look at the object in your hand. It is a tiny gold coin of some sort, with inscriptions in a language you cannot understand. On the back of the coin is a picture of a large bird swooping down to pick up an equine of some sort. Perhaps a unicorn?”

“The strange sea creature sticks its long neck out of the water and you are able to get your first good look at it. You stroke the creature’s smooth skin and it makes an approving noise. It obviously likes you.”


These are the creatures I have found so far, go to to find your own.

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