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Undertale Continues

Over the past year, I have been playing through Undertale routes and discovering secrets.


If you have not played Undertale and plan on playing undertale, I do not recommend reading past this point.  But who am I to decide what you do? Read past this if you wish.








I met everybody, read their voice lines, and even killed some of them.  At first, I went through a few Neutral routes, killing one out of two monsters.

Then I continued on to the Leaderless route.  Anyone who dared fight me was dead.  Anyone who had the guts to challenge me turned to dust.

It was horrible.

I regretted my actions, finished the route, and restarted the game.

Frisk became a pacifist.  I spared those that I could, and ran away from those that I couldn’t.  But there was one monster that I couldn’t help kill, just for how annoying he was–Jerry.

I tried pacifist again.  I Acted to every monster.  However, the ending… It just didn’t cut it.  I had to go further.

I dated Papyrus.  I dated Undyne.  Finally, I went back and dated Alphys.  Then I travelled through the lab again, and gained access to the True Lab.  A new category of monsters confronted me, unkillable.  They scared me.  They scarred me.

I have never trusted a save point after I met the reaper bird.

I died about 20 times trying to figure out the correct sequence of Acts to placate them.  Each.

I finally finished the True Lab and continued to New Home.  Everyone came, Toriel included.  It was amazing.

Until Flowey showed up.

I was suddenly pitted against something that had crawled out of the pits of hell, stolen the souls of my friends, and was ready to take mine.  Asriel Dreemur was a god among monsters.  He killed me, over and over again.

But my soul refused to die.  This fight would not end me.

I Hoped. I Dreamed.  I Saved my friends.

I Saved Asriel from the god he had become.

I reconciled everyone, and traveled through the underground again, telling all the monsters that the barrier had been broken.  I asked the kind mouse-lady in Snowdin what had happened.  I learned that the ruins had been opened.

Two kinds of barriers had been broken.

The frogs in the ruins told me to take it one step at a time.  I no longer had to worry that monsters would attack me.

I reached out to Asriel again.

I finally went back to the barrier, and through it.  The sunset was so beautiful.


<real life>


A week after being presented with the option to do a True Reset, I wrote a letter to everyone that I had met, fought, and spared.

I thanked them for what they had taught me.


In my mind, everyone is still adventuring.  They’re all still living in the human world.  Frisk is there, sans is there, Toriel is there, along with everyone else.

I’ll have conversations with sans about what’s happening over there.  Papyrus and Undyne are attempting to learn more pasta recipes.  Toriel acts as a mother to everyone.  Frisk has brought Flowey out of the Ruins.

Anyone want to ask sans a question?  Ask down below in the comments!

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